Have a nice weekend!

We’re off to Bielefeld! I’m taking Monday off from the blog, as I don’t have much internet reception at the in-laws’ house. See you guys again on Tuesday!


Here are links to a few things I found interesting this week:

Baked these delicious banana carrot muffins for Theo (and for us, too)!

These Easter eggs are so simple, yet so gorgeous.

Got some extra cardboard lying around? Build a fold-up play house for your kid! Or a guitar!

Practiced a few back carries with my woven wrap this week. (Christina’s Ruckless Back Carry and Jordan’s Back Carry)

I might just have to make one of these. A designated place for charging our phones would be awesome.

I really want to order this sleep sack for Theo! (The stars version – I think the link automatically shows the other one.)

That’s all! Have a good one!

On my walk: faces of Hamburg

Yesterday, I took a two-mile walk home from my Dutch class. Since today is my due date, I figured it couldn’t hurt to enjoy the weather and take a nice, long walk to possibly induce labor. Still no word on the labor part, but I did enjoy my walk and along the way, I took pictures of any interesting thing that caught my eye. Of course, I saw lots of fun graffiti, and especially a lot of faces.

There were birdie faces…


raptor faces…


fish faces…


cat faces…


horse faces…


angry faces…


sad faces…


funny faces…


bespectacled faces…


and one surprisingly un-hairy face.



Wolves & wine


I saw these bottles of wine in a shop window and thought their design was really quirky and fun, with old pictures of French aristocrats with wolf heads.

Turns out it’s from Domaine La Louvière in the south of France near the Pyrenees. According to their website, the wolves used to gather at the base of the mountains before going off to hunt. Now this space is occupied by the Domaine La Louvière vineyards, and as a nod to these wolves, they incorporated them into their brand.

I haven’t missed beer at all while pregnant, since there are plenty of alcohol-free options here in Germany. But I’m really looking forward to being able to have some wine again. The fun design would also make a good hostess gift or birthday present. Perhaps I’ll have to pick up one of these and give it a try!

Friday links

Happy Friday!


Now that I’ve suddenly got a lot of time on my hands, it’s time to get some things done that I’ve been putting off. Like a haircut. The last haircut I got was back in August…

Nothing crazy, but it needs to be shorter. I’m thinking this length – just grazing my shoulders. Although this picture made me want to get bangs again…but I’m not quite ready again.

TO BUY: This camera tape dispenser is just soooo cute!

TO MAKE: Goodness, I love this American flag made out of jeans!

FOR BABY: My most recent sewing project for baby was this stegosaurus softie! I love how it turned out!

TO BAKE: I’ve been craving fudge brownies.

TO “LAUGH”: Unnecessary quotation marks. I “almost” peed my pants. ;)

TO LEARN: How to hang clothes like a genius.

That’s all for now! Have a nice weekend!

Happy Friday!

At the Fischmarkt last Sunday…


My only two classes on Fridays both happened to cancel this week…so I have a long weekend! Lucky me!

I will be spending it crocheting every free moment I get, catching up on laundry, and watching Psych. I also have a birthday party to attend on Saturday and we’re hosting dinner with friends at our house on Sunday evening. Busy busy!

Here are some links for this week!

TO BAKE: Loved the unique look of topping a pie with triangles! via A Beautiful Mess

TO CRAFT: Pom-pom caterpillar clothespins! via Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

TO SPRUCE UP: An old classic…washi tape on glass jars for displaying spring flowers!

TO JOIN: How to join granny squares together using the slip stitch. (video) I’m almost at that point in my crocheting project. Can’t wait!!

TO MAKE: Washi tape card via Scrapping with Christine